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Jubilant celebration for ILOA Class 12 results

In a jubilant celebration of intellectual prowess and steadfast dedication, the ILOA unveiled a tale of triumph and pride as the results of the Class 12 CBSE exams were declared on May 13.

With bated breath and eager hearts, the ILOA community rejoices, as all 103 students who undertook the senior school certificate examination emerged victorious, etching a glorious record with no failures or compartments. This monumental achievement marks the ninth consecutive year that the school has proudly proclaimed a 100% pass rate.

With seven stellar students soaring beyond the 95% mark and an impressive 35 students achieving above 90%, the exceptional performance of Learnites illuminates their unwavering commitment to academic brilliance. Year after year, the school ascends to greater heights of educational excellence, setting new benchmarks, and this year is no exception.

In the Humanities stream, Diya Elizabeth Devasia ascended to the pinnacle by scoring an impressive 98%. In the Commerce stream, Anamika Pachiriyan leads the pack with 95.8%, closely followed by Nandakishor Koovva with 95% and Swathi Sumod with 94.4%. In the Science stream, Anushikha Sreeja Vinod, with a whooping aggregate score of 97.6%, aced the chart, followed by Laya Thomas with 96% and Aleena Binu George with 95.8%.

The top achievers in various subjects have not only brought glory to themselves but have also elevated the school’s stature to unprecedented heights. In the realm of painting, a cohort of ten students achieved a perfect score of 100%, illuminating their canvas with artistic brilliance: Niranjana Parayil Suraj, Gayathri Kunnathodi, Sanjay Suresh, Anushikha Sreeja Vinod, Aleena Binu George, Jyothish Krishna, Sagarika Tripathy, Amina Khan, Ashna Iftikhar, and Anamika Pachiriyan. In the dynamic field of Artificial Intelligence, seven students emerged as trailblazers, securing a perfect score of 100%: Nandakishor Koovva, Diya Elizabeth Devasia, Laya Thomas, Nishal Sibi Antony, Mohd Zaeem Ganayee, Afiya Amanullah, and Raguraman Govindasamy. The domain of Informatics Practices witnessed a stellar performance by two students who excelled with a perfect score of 100%: Gayatri Kunnathodi and Joel Sathia. Anushikha Sreeja Vinod scored 100% in Chemistry, while Diya Elizabeth Devasia achieved 100% in Political Science. Afiya Amanullah secured a perfect score of 100% in Information Technology, and Diya Elizabeth Devasia excelled with 99% in Financial Market Management.

Mohammad Arman emerged as the highest scorer in Computer Science with 98%, Sagarika Tripathy achieved the top spot in English with 98%, and Diya Elizabeth Devasia secured the highest in History with 98%. Nandakishor Koovva excelled in Economics with 98%, and Swathi Sumod made a mark with 97% in Entrepreneurship. Laya Thomas, Sanjay Suresh, and Anushikha Sreeja Vinod secured the highest scores in Biology with 97%.

Adith Arul and Anushikha Sreeja Vinod achieved 95% in Mathematics, Jay Krishna secured 94% in Accountancy, and Laya Thomas scored 92% in Physics. Anamika Pachiriyan secured the highest score in Business Studies with 92%, while Lajitha Ravi Kumar scored 94% in Physical Education.

Mr. D.K. Sharma, the distinguished Chairman of the school, extended his heartfelt congratulations to both the staff and students for their exemplary performance. He lauded their unwavering dedication and steadfast commitment to excellence, which have been instrumental in achieving such remarkable success. Mr. Sharma remarked, “The outstanding results of our students are a reflection of their hard work and the relentless support and guidance provided by our dedicated teachers, as well as the unwavering support from parents. Congratulations to all for this stellar achievement!”

Mrs. Asha Sharma, the effervescent Principal of ILOA, expressed her profound joy and pride in these accomplishments. She extended her heartfelt commendations to each student and teacher for their remarkable efforts, acknowledging the students’ praiseworthy achievements and their intense conviction to excel, which have once again brought immense pride to the school. The entire ILOA community jubilantly celebrates the phenomenal performance of the Class 10 students in the Board examinations, recognizing their unwavering dedication and passion for achieving exemplary marks.

Mrs. Asha Sharma extended her heartfelt congratulations to all the meritorious students. She emphasized that their phenomenal achievements were a direct result of their tireless efforts and the dedicated guidance provided by their teachers. Commending the students for their hard work and perseverance, she acknowledged that their success is a testament to their commitment to excellence and the nurturing learning environment fostered by the school.

“At ILOA, we believe in nurturing not only the intellect but also the character of our students,” remarked Mrs. Sharma. “Our consistent track record of academic excellence reflects our holistic approach to education. ILOA stands as a beacon of academic brilliance, where students dare to dream and strive for excellence. This year’s exceptional results are a testament to the school’s unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds and empowering them to reach for the stars. As the ILOA community rejoices in this remarkable achievement, the school looks forward to continuing its legacy of excellence in the years to come.”

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