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Joint Committee discusses licensing regulations for law offices

During its meeting, the joint committee comprised of the Technical Committee and the Legal and Financial Committee of the Municipal Council addressed several key issues. The committee reviewed a letter from the Kuwaiti Lawyers Association regarding the suspension of licenses for law offices situated in residential areas. This matter was referred to the executive branch for further study and opinion.

Dr. Hassan Kamal, Chairman of the Joint Committee, reported that discussions were completed on proposed amendments to regulations governing construction works and associated schedules, reports Al-Jarida daily.

The committee finalized a proposal to amend Schedule No. 1 concerning requirements and specifications for private and model residential buildings. Additionally, two letters were received — one from the Lawyers Association and another from residents of the Abu Al-Hasaniyah area — pertaining to the cessation of law office licenses and residential construction percentages in Abu Al-Hasaniyah.

Both matters were referred to the executive branch for examination, and subsequent reports will be submitted to the committee for further consideration in upcoming meetings.

Residents of Abu Al-Hasaniyah expressed their desire for increased construction rates and to be treated as private housing, given the area’s coastal designation, where construction rates typically do not exceed 150 percent.

Dr. Kamal highlighted that the committee deliberated on new aspects related to areas, platforms, building depths and heights, as well as firefighting and lighting details. Further discussions on these topics will be undertaken in future meetings, as they require thorough examination and discussion.

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