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Job security for Kuwaitis working in private oil companies

The Human Resources Committee of the National Assembly, in its meeting, finalized two proposals for laws pertaining to employment in the private oil business sector.

This was done in collaboration with representatives from the oil sector, its subsidiaries, and members of the Union of Workers in the Private Oil Sector.

MP Fares Al-Otaibi, the committee’s head, announced in a statement at the National Assembly’s media center that the committee had unanimously approved the law.

The approval came with the endorsement of the government, the oil sector, and its subsidiaries. Al-Otaibi has congratulated the workers in the private oil sector for the successful completion of this legislation.

He emphasized that the approved law aims to safeguard the rights of Kuwaiti workers and enhance job security within the private oil sector while at the same time underlining that the text of the law will serve as a protective mechanism for the rights of the workers.

He thanked the government, the oil sector Board of Directors, and the head of the Private Oil Sector Syndicate for their cooperation in getting the law approved by the committee and acknowledged their efforts in communicating with members of the National Assembly.

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