Iran eases travel for Kuwait and 32 Countries by cancelling entry visas

The Iranian Minister of Culture, Ezzatullah Zarghami, has announced the approval of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s government to unilaterally cancel entry visas for citizens hailing from Kuwait and 32 other countries. Minister Zarghami shared the news on the X Network, highlighting that the primary objective behind this decision is to stimulate tourism and open up new markets, reported Al-Qabas Daily.

Emphasizing the belief that tourism is a right for all global citizens, Minister Zarghami stated that Iran is extending an open invitation to visitors from the 33 countries. The list of nations benefiting from this unilateral visa cancellation includes Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Tunisia, and others.

This initiative is expected to pave the way for increased tourism, fostering cultural exchange and economic opportunities. The move underscores Iran’s commitment to promoting international cooperation and welcoming visitors from a diverse range of countries.

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