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International Women’s Group marks Kuwait National and Liberation Days

Attendees and esteemed members, dressed in traditional Kuwaiti attire, entered an ambiance infused with the fragrant allure of rose water and bakhour, symbolizing a harmonious celebration of culture and hospitality

The International Women’s Group (IWG) commemorated Kuwait National and Liberation Days on Sunday, February 11th, at the luxurious Crowne Plaza. Radiating cultural pride, attendees and esteemed members adorned themselves in traditional Kuwaiti attire, stepping into an ambiance suffused with the fragrant allure of rose water and bakhour, symbolizing a harmonious blend of celebration and hospitality.

A Kuwaiti corner, especially build as a replica of the sitting room of a traditional Kuwaiti house and shop, was greeted with delight by all attendees who enjoyed a first-hand view of a traditional Kuwaiti lifestyle represented by its authentic furnishings and handicrafts.

The event commenced with the solemn strains of Kuwait’s national anthem.

Mrs Antonia Dimitrova, President of IWG and esteemed wife of the ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria, graciously welcomed the distinguished attendees.

In her opening address, she extended heartfelt congratulations to HH the Amir Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and the people of Kuwait on the auspicious occasion of National and Liberation Days. With sincerity and warmth, she conveyed the very best wishes of the IWG Executive Board and its members, expressing hopes for the enduring prosperity, peace, and progress of Kuwait.

Mrs Layla Boulos, the adept IWG Public Relations Coordinator, assumed the role of master of ceremonies, skillfully guiding the audience through an enchanting and culturally rich program. She commenced the proceedings by introducing the esteemed Ms Maysa Al-Mutawa, who delved into the captivating history of Kuwaiti women’s clothing.

She opened her illuminating discourse by articulating, “The dresses showcased today encapsulate the timeless tradition and narrative of Kuwait through the ages. Despite globalization, Kuwaiti women proudly adorn these garments on various occasions, occasionally adapting them to contemporary styles while cherishing the enduring charm of our mothers and grandmothers.”

The captivating presentation on Kuwaiti traditional clothing for women showcased an array of Abayas, accompanied by young girls elegantly adorned in Bokhnag attire. The event featured a re-enactment of a traditional Kuwaiti wedding, featuring the bride adorned in traditional jewelry and wearing a Kuwaiti Kuwaiti Thob resplendently embroidered in intricate gold thread.

Mrs Ameena Al-Mutawa, who served as the bride, also gave an enlightening presentation on the different pieces of bridal jewellery that she wore.

Primary students, along with their teacher Miss Heba-allah Gomaa from the British School of Kuwait, performed many traditional dances throughout various segments of the program, including the Kuwait National Day celebrations and the re-enactment of a traditional wedding. The beautiful choreography was meticulously arranged by Mrs Anwar Alhasan, with costumes designed by Mrs Dalal Alshatty.

The event continued with two very interesting and important presentations. The first was delivered by Mrs Dana Al-Jouder, who spoke about the physical aspects of the old city of Kuwait. She showcased rare images of the city, including the old gate and city wall, while discussing the various changes that have occurred over the years due to modernization.

Eng. Maha Al-Baghli, former Municipal Council Member and Founder of Safira CSR Co, emphasized the importance of corporate responsibility, women’s empowerment, and promoting entrepreneurship among Kuwaiti women and youth.

As the event drew to a close, shields of appreciation were gracefully bestowed upon the esteemed speakers, while certificates of gratitude were tendered to the participants and performers.

Attendees relished an exceptional Kuwaiti buffet meticulously crafted by chefs of Crowne Plaza, delighting in the delectable flavors and savoring each moment of the event with immense appreciation.

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