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Healthy Ramadan Drinks

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Although Ramadan this year has arrived before the start of the summer heat, keeping your body hydrated throughout the fasting period remains vital. Dehydration can slow your performance and affect your energy. In order to stay healthy and active during the fasting period it is essential to eat and drink right during the non-fasting period.

Traditionally, Ramadan is associated with drinking beverages that contain high levels of sugar. These sugars, which are directly absorbed into the bloodstream lead to a spike in insulin levels that then cause even more sweet cravings. Rather than partaking of drinks with high sugar content, it is better to focus on healthy drinks.

Here are some of the healthy drinks that you could opt for during Ramadan.

Kharroub (carob): Kharroub powder is a smart alternative to cocoa. You can try hot or cold drinks made of kharroub. It reduces cholesterol, aids digestion and acts as an antioxidant. In addition, it contains magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium manganese, copper, and the vitamins A, B, B2, B3, and D. Two tablespoons of Kharroub powder have only 70 calories in them, but you need to keep in mind that while it is low in fat and salt, it also has a higher sugar than cocoa powder, so use in moderation if aiming to replace cocoa with carob.

Amar el-deen (apricot juice): This is one of the most traditional Ramadan beverages in many places. It is made of dried apricot paste. Amar El Deen is full of antioxidants that prevent all sorts of chronic diseases. Plus it has lycopene that prevents male fertility and prostate cancer.

Watermelon Smoothie: Beat your thirst and boost your energy by having a glass of watermelon smoothie: It is an excellent drink during Ramadan, as it is full of nutrients, refreshing and tasty, besides preventing cellulite.

Almond drink: It is made by grinding raw almonds with water, a bit of vanilla and honey. Almonds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, decrease cholesterol and triglycerides levels, as well as make you feel satiated and energetic for hours.

Ginger and carrot juice: This is an excellent drink to refuel your body and clean your inner digestive system. It is an important drink for your blood circulation, decreases inflammation and body cramps.

Banana-Dates shake: This drink is made by blending together low-fat yogurt, dates, honey and banana. Dates are rich in iron and other essential vitamins and minerals needed to break the Ramadan fast. Bananas are rich in potassium and so you do not feel thirsty, as it replaces sodium, which means salt. Potassium also prevents body cramps which are caused by dehydration.

Frozen Lemonade with mint: A very refreshing cold drink, with zero calories, It is high in vitamin C, boosts your metabolism and prevents cellulite formation.

Last but not least, water will always be the number one liquid to have. Drink a glass of water every hour between your iftar and suhoor, and notice the difference, inside out.

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