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Debt-free dreams: Kuwait’s national campaign unburdens debtors

The ‘Your Fear is Their Joy’ initiative highlights Kuwait's charitable spirit, aiding the needy, easing debt worries, and bringing joy to families in need.

Sheikh Firas Saud Abdullah Al Malek Al Sabah, the Minister of Social Affairs, Family, and Child Affairs, has announced the launch of the national campaign ‘Your Fear is Their Joy’ to pay off the debts of debtors. This initiative is in line with the humanitarian role of the State of Kuwait, the directives of the political leadership, and the instructions of the Council of Ministers emphasizing the importance of localizing charitable work within the country.

Sheikh Firas Al-Sabah said in a speech on Kuwait TV on Saturday, “We are in the midst of this great month, the blessed month of Ramadan, the month of goodness and giving. With God’s help and success, we announce the launch of the national campaign to pay off the debts of debtors. You are greatly delighted for them for the second year in a row.”

He added that the campaign would be launched on Monday, Ramadan 15, in cooperation with the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, the Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies, and the Union of Kuwaiti Charitable Societies and Foundations.

He pointed out that this initiative will once again showcase the honorable image of charitable work within the country, reflecting the Kuwaiti people’s love for philanthropy, providing assistance to the needy, alleviating their debt-related worries, and bringing smiles and joy to many Kuwaiti families in need of a helping hand.

The minister stressed that relieving the distress of debtors, whose circumstances have placed them in the grip of debt, has great merit and reward. He emphasized that it is permissible to donate zakat money for this cause, especially since it targets many deserving groups.

He called on donors in the public and private sectors, cooperative societies, public benefit societies, charities, foundations, and individuals to participate in this campaign. He emphasized the importance of giving new hope and a fresh start to those in debt, promising great rewards in this holy month.

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