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Finance Minister details pension money for eligible retirees

The Minister of Finance Fahd Al-Jarallah has issued Resolution No. (6) of 2023 regarding the minimum retirement pension, which states as follows:

Article (1)

This decision applies to those entitled to retirement pensions in accordance with the provisions of Chapter Three of Law No. (61) of 1976 or in accordance with the provisions of Law No. (69) of 1980 referred to.

Article (2)

The minimum pension for those supporting seven or more children is 1,615 dinars per month.

Otherwise, the minimum retirement pension shall be as follows:

  • 1545 dinars for someone who supports six children.
  • 1475 dinars for someone who supports five children.
  • 1405 dinars for someone who supports four children.
  • 1335 dinars for someone who supports three children.
  • 1265 dinars for someone who supports two children.
  • 1196 dinars for someone who supports one child.
  • 1126 dinars for a married person with no dependents.
  • 1010 dinars for a single person or a woman.

Article (3)

In order to establish dependency for children, the age must not exceed twenty-four. An exception to this condition is the son who is unable to earn a living. As for daughters, the daughter must be unmarried. If she is divorced, in order to prove dependency, the divorce must be irrevocable.

Support does not exist for those sons and daughters who join work, or for those who are entitled to a retirement pension or a share in the pension.

Article (4)

The minimum retirement pension for dependent children applies to the pensioner in the event of the death of their father or his inability to work or earn while not receiving any salary, pension or public assistance on a regular basis, or in the event that she supports her children without receiving alimony for them from those whom she is obliged to support in accordance with the provisions. Determined based on the Civil Service Law referred to in this case.

Article (5)

In determining the amount of increase to the minimum, the total amount of retirement pension and supplementary pension due, as well as the total amount of pensions, shares or increases due, will be considered.

The amount of the increase shall be determined after adding to that total all increases in accordance with the provisions of Law No. (61) of 1976, Law No. (69) of 1980, or Law No. (25) of 2001 referred to, and all increases, regardless of their reporting basis, name, and party responsible for them.

If the pension has previously been raised to the minimum, the amount of the increase is excluded and then the pensions, shares or increases that are due are added. If the total is later less than the prescribed minimum, it will be raised to it. The amount of the increase is added to the retirement pension which, in all cases, was due first.

Article (6)

The amount of the increase to the minimum retirement pension increases if the number of dependent children exceeds the number on the basis of which that amount was determined, starting from the beginning of the month following the increase in their number. The decrease in the number does not result in any change in the amount of the raise to the minimum.

Article (7)

Raising the retirement pension to the minimum does not result in increasing the portion that the pensioner may replace.

Article (8)

Pensioners who benefit from the provisions of Resolution No. (2) of 2003 referred to are transferred to the category corresponding to the dependency status on the basis of which they were entitled to the minimum retirement pension in accordance with the provisions of Article (2) of the aforementioned decision unless they are entitled to a category higher than the new minimum due to Increasing the number of dependent children.

Article (9)

The aforementioned Resolution No. (2) of 2003 shall be cancelled.

Article (10)

This decision shall be published in the Official Gazette, and shall be effective as of December 3, 2023. The Director General of the Corporation must take the necessary measures to implement it, provided that it is presented to the Board of Directors of the General Corporation for Social Insurance at its first meeting.

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