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Criminal Court finds ports employee ‘not guilty’

The Criminal Court has acquitted an employee from the Ministry of Interior – Ports Administration, dismissing charges of forgery related to the “arrivals” list.

The case originated from a report received by the Ministry of Interior, alleging that an employee at Nuwaiseeb Ports administration had used a colleague’s user number, with prior agreement, to facilitate the entry of an individual into the Kuwaiti territory, despite the person being abroad.

Following the report, the Public Prosecution carried out an investigation and subsequently brought the case before the court.

During the court proceedings, attorney Ahmed Al-Hammadi represented the accused and orally presented his defense. He argued that the accusation was grounded in suspicion, lacking concrete evidence to substantiate the claim.

Lawyer Ahmed Al Hammadi

Al-Hammadi pointed out that the Public Prosecution based its case on the testimony of the incident officer, who merely expressed a belief that the accused was responsible for the operation.

However, Al-Hammadi highlighted that the attendance and departure records indicated the presence of other employees in the same hall on the day of the incident, contradicting the notion that the accused was the sole individual on duty.

As a result, the defense lawyer submitted a memorandum urging the court to acquit the accused of the charges leveled against him.

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