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Extensive campaigns are expected to keep building violations in check

According to a reliable Kuwait Municipality official, Engineer Saud Al-Dabbous, the Director General, has instructed the directors of various governorate branches to assign their respective departments to promptly submit reports on the extent and percentage of construction violations in investment and commercial properties (such as buildings and complexes).

The directive specifies that this process will later extend to encompass private and standard residential properties.

The official disclosed to Al-Rai that municipal teams will initiate field campaigns based on a well-organized schedule with multiple stages, to inspect all properties and check violation if any.

The sources said, this initiative is crucial as it directly correlates with the issuance of property description certificates. No certificate will be granted unless the violations are rectified.

It is emphasized that the rate of violations, as indicated by previous reports, is relatively high. This has attributed to insufficient post-connection oversight, particularly after the electricity is installed.

Property owners or managers, in violation of building regulations, tend to disregard specified spaces or create partitions without adherence to guidelines, whether to increase the number of rooms, shops, etc.

The source highlighted that the plan seeks to reorganize construction procedures by curbing violations through heightened penalties.

This will pave the way for establishing a comprehensive system that automatically penalizes individuals breaching the law.

The source also mentioned that part of the campaign involves addressing the issue of reopening basements in buildings.

Many basements, without exception, are being used as warehouses, contrary to regulations. This practice is expected to face objections from real estate owners and investors, especially considering that basements are not designated for storage and are intended exclusively for parking purposes.

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