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Ensana Health Spa promotes its healing experiences

The Trnava Region, a captivating destination nestled in the western part of Slovakia and Ensana Health Spa Piestany renowned for their world class thermal spas, successfully organised a roadshow in Kuwait on the 16th of January under the theme: “Slovakia Spa Splendour: Life, Beauty and the Healing Power of Natural Elements.”

Key industry players from Trnava Region meet with their Kuwaiti Counterparts

The event was organized in collaboration and in presence of a number of industry partners from Slovakia, including the Trnava Regional Tourism Board, a key tourist destination in Slovakia, in addition to other partners such as Ensana Health Spa Hotels Piešťany, Piešťany Resort, the Self-Governing Trnava Region, and the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic. The event witnessed more than 50 leading Kuwaiti tour operators, media and travel bloggers attending the event.

Piešťany and its world renowned Ensana Health Spa Resort as the ideal tourism destination for Kuwaitis

The event highlighted the stunning landscapes and cultural richness of the Trnava Region highlighting the picturesque spa town of Piešťany extending a warm invitation to Kuwaiti holidaymakers and travellers to rediscover the charm of these hidden gems in the Danube region. For over 50 years Piešťany has been a favorite family and rejuvenation destination among Kuwaiti tourists, who have been drawn to this unique region by the proven therapeutic benefits of the healing waters and Piešťany town; renowned for its healing mud and world-famous thermal spas.

Ensana Health Spa Resort Piešťany is located 80 km from Bratislava, and just a one and-a-half-hour drive from Vienna Airport. Patients from all over the world come here to treat various diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Local healing sulphur mud is used in a range of therapeutic treatments and procedures and the resort offers one of the best treatments in Europe.

For more than 100 years Piešťany spa island has used its natural resources: sulphur mud and mineral thermal water and their properties for healing purposes. During the event, Ensana Health Spa Resort Cluster Medical Director, Dr. Boris Banovsky highlighted the various treatments that are especially effective in treating the following deceases:

  • ankylosing spondylitis;
  • rheumatoid and post-infectious arthritis;
  • rheumatic diseases;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • inflammation of the sciatic nerve;
  • coxarthrosis;
  • post-operative and post-traumatic conditions of the nervous system;
  • orthopedic disorders.

Dr. Banovsky also explained how the finest quality of Sulphur mud in Piešťany is one of the most effective in the world. The unique living ecosystem of sulphur mud forms in the dead arm of the Váh river due to the action of geothermal and biological effects. After being withdrawn from the river, the mud is stored in special pools where it matures for a year. The unique combination of mud and blue-green algae has a positive effect on joints, intervertebral cartilage and discs.

In order to further welcome Kuwaiti guests, the resort employees a number of Arabic speaking staff, including an Arabic-speaking concierge desk to assist with all medical and health consultations.

Kuwaitis accounted for 13,678 guest nights at the resort in 2023, an increase over 2022 figures. The Slovakian delegation came to Kuwait to reach out directly to the Kuwaiti travel and medical industry partners to ensure that Trnava Region and the Ensana Health Spa Resort Piešťany will be at the forefront of Kuwaiti’s minds when seeking a health and rejuvenation retreat in 2024.

Ensana Health Spa Resort provides over 60 different treatments for various ailments including signature health programmes for weight loss, beauty, and general health improvement.

Diverse Attractions for Every Visitor from Kuwait

The Trnava Region and Piešťany boasts top-quality sports infrastructure, attracting sports clubs from all over Europe. Professional conditions for various disciplines, including football, basketball, volleyball, water sports, swimming, track racing, horseback riding, and horse dressage, make it a sports enthusiast’s paradise. Aside from these Kuwaiti travellers can play golf on the first golf course in Slovakia, unlimited cycling opportunities for everyone from the mountains to the tracks and finally an authentic Piešťany experience Grass skiing!

In Trnava Region and Piešťany hiking is a delightful experience, travellers can find heaven on earth here, suitable even for small children, travellers will find easy hiking and cycling routes all around the towns. Green meadows and forests provide a picturesque backdrop for walks, rewarding visitors with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

For Kuwaiti families with children, the region’s water parks and rafting on quiet rivers offer refreshing summer fun. The Trnava Region is also renowned for its precious honey, with beekeepers hosting workshops on honey production and the critical role of bees in the ecosystem.

Traveling from Kuwait

While the Trnava Region is not far from international airports, including Vienna International Airport at only 1.5 hours drive away, there is also a small regional international airport in Piešťany which offers the easiest travel option. Piešťany Airport provides quick passenger and baggage handling, ensuring comfort for travelers from non-Schengen countries. The Trnava Regional Tourism Board is actively exploring opportunities to establish a direct airline connection between Kuwait and Piešťany.

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