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Drugs worth 43 million dinars seized in Kuwait in four months

The Ministry of Interior arrested 124 people and referred them to authorities and also filed 67 cases against individuals trafficking drugs by land, air, and sea.

  • The Ministry of Interior monitored several drug dealers through social media platforms, targeting young people and juveniles.

  • The ministry intercepted a smuggling attempt of 640 kilogram of drugs and five million pills in four months. Drugs contribute to about 69% of crimes, warned security and legal sources.

  • Kuwait is now a prime target for drug cartels importing and smuggling narcotics, primarily due to the region’s high drug prices compared to neighboring countries.

As part of the Ministry of Interior’s ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking, the Criminal Security Sector, under the General Administration for Narcotics Control, recently arrested 18 individuals across 15 cases.

They were found in possession of approximately 20 kilograms of various narcotics ‘including chemicals, shabu, hashish, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin’, along with around 12,000 psychotropic pills, unlicensed firearms and ammunition, and proceeds from illegal sales.

The Ministry of Interior clarified in a statement that upon confronting the accused with the seized items, they admitted ownership for the purpose of trafficking and abuse. Consequently, both the individuals and the seized items were referred to the competent authority for necessary legal action.

Security efforts

The ministry emphasized that security efforts continue to target individuals involved in drug trafficking, urging the community to collaborate in reporting any related activities. They highlighted the ongoing work to protect society and emphasized the need for collective efforts to eradicate drug dealers.

They also called on everyone to cooperate with law enforcement by reporting any concerning behavior via the emergency phone and the hotline of the General Administration for Drug Control.

Safeguarding the country

Additionally, amidst the Ministry of Interior’s ongoing efforts to safeguard the country against the threat of drugs, a security source disclosed to Al-Qabas newspaper that gangs had been identified targeting Kuwait with the intention of flooding it with narcotics. The Ministry of Interior responded decisively to these threats.

Under the direct guidance and supervision of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, and Acting Minister of Interior, Sheikh Fahd Al-Yousef, the ministry’s efforts led to the interception of an attempt to smuggle over 640 kilograms of various drugs and five million pills within a span of four months.

These successful seizures doubled as a result of enhanced procedures and intensified surveillance across territorial waters, border crossings, and other areas.

The source indicated that approximately 124 defendants were arrested in these cases and referred to the competent authorities. The ministry also filed more than 67 cases against individuals involved in promoting, trafficking, and attempting to transport large quantities of narcotics via land, air, and sea.

According to the source, the market value of drug seizures over the past four months totaled about 43 million dinars. It was noted that several drug dealers were monitored through social media platforms, targeting young people and juveniles.

Confronting drug dealers firmly

The source revealed higher directives to confront drug dealers firmly and not to show leniency towards those targeting the country with this destructive scourge that impacts its human capital. He highlighted intense coordination and information exchange with the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to combat the aggressive tactics of drug traffickers.

Furthermore, security and legal sources warned that drugs are a contributing factor in approximately 69% of crimes.

The sources emphasized that Kuwait has become a prime target for drug cartels to import and smuggle narcotics more than ever before. They explained that the country, along with the Gulf region, is targeted due to the exorbitant prices of these substances compared to other countries in the region.

The sources also mentioned the stringent procedures and advanced mechanisms in place to control drugs at border crossings.

Additionally, they highlighted the vigilance of security personnel in besieging smugglers and thwarting any attempts to smuggle drugs into the country.

Three ongoing plans to combat drug trafficking

  1. Trapping drug smugglers
  2. Maintaining continuous coordination with neighboring countries
  3. Tightening control mechanisms and procedures

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