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Dr. Souad Al-Abdulwahab honored with Academic Palme Medal

The former Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Professor of Modern Literature in the Department of Arabic Language at Kuwait University, Dr. Souad Al-Abdulwahab, has been honored by the French government with the “Academic Palme Medal” at the rank of Knight.

This recognition is a testament to her substantial contributions to advancing French literature and culture within Kuwaiti society. The award ceremony, presided over by the French Ambassador to Kuwait, Claire Le Flecher, was attended by several French diplomats, academics, and Kuwaiti leaders.

The Palme d’Academic Medal is a prestigious French national decoration bestowed upon distinguished academics and notable figures globally in the fields of culture and education.

On this momentous occasion, Dr. Al-Abdulwahab expressed her pride in receiving the “Academic Palme Medal” with the rank of Knight. She conveyed her gratitude to the French government, Ambassador Le Flecher, and the director of the French Institute, Benoît Catala, emphasizing the profound academic significance of the medal throughout various generations.

Ambassador Le Flecher acknowledged Dr. Al-Abdulwahab’s significant cultural role, praising her efforts in elevating the perception of French literature and culture in Kuwaiti society, particularly during her tenure as the Dean of the College of Arts.

Le flecher noted Dr. Al-Abdulwahab’s instrumental support for the growth of the French Language and Culture Department and her promotion of Francophonie in Kuwait. She highlighted the recognition of Dr. Al-Abdulwahab for her efforts to strengthen the presence of French literature among the youth of Kuwait. Leflecher described her as having an influential cultural role deserving of commendation and appreciation.

Speaking on the occasion, the French envoy expressed gratitude to Dr. Al-Abdulwahab for her commitment to reinforcing the bachelor’s program in the French Language Department and her support for international cooperation with French universities.

She recognized Dr. Al-Abdulwahab’s close ties with the French Embassy in Kuwait and her efforts in strengthening relations with the French Research Center for the Arabian Peninsula in Kuwait.

Le Flecher commended Dr. Al-Abdulwahab’s constructive cooperation, which has led to the organization of joint seminars with the Center since 2018. She concluded by affirming that Dr. Al-Abdulwahab fully deserves the acknowledgment for her commitment to education overall, and specifically for her contributions to teaching the French language and culture.

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