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Derwaza Al-Abdul-Razzaq set to be completed in seven months: Ministry

The tunnel will open internally three months after the completion of the work

  • The ministry has signed two contracts for Yarmouk and Cordoba maintenance, and announced 18 major projects for governorates and highways, aligning with its priorities

Following the recommendations of the government performance monitoring unit, which received approval from the Council of Ministers, maintenance work has resumed in Derwaza Al-Abdul-Razzaq.

The Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, Dr. Noura Al-Mashaan, stated during an inspection tour of the site on Wednesday that the reforms are aimed at ensuring the safety of the facility and extending its shelf life. The project is expected to be completed in the near future.

Regarding road maintenance work, Al-Mashaan stated that road maintenance is one of the ministry’s priorities. The ministry has signed two contracts to maintain the Yarmouk and Cordoba regions, and has announced 18 major maintenance projects for governorates and highways. This aligns with the ministry’s priorities and objectives.

The official spokesman of the Ministry of Works, Undersecretary of Planning Ahmed Al-Saleh, mentioned that maintenance work on Darwaza will be completed within seven months. Additionally, he stated that the tunnel will open internally three months after the completion of the work, emphasizing the ministry’s significant commitment to completing these projects due to the vitality of Al-Darwaza.

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