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Dean of Diplomatic Corps holds grand Gabka

Ambassador of Tajikistan and Dean of Diplomatic Corps H.E. Zubaydzoda Zubaydullo held a Gabka reception at the embassy premises on the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan. The reception also coincided with Nowruz, the traditional New Year of the people of Tajikistan and the region.

A galaxy of dignitaries that included Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulla Al Yahya, members of the Kuwait Royal family as well as diplomats and distinguished guests graced the reception.

As part of the Nowruz celebrations, traditional handicrafts and delicacies were flown-in all the way from Tajikistan to celebrate the event. Ambassador Zubaydullo pointed out that Nowruz was a festival that united and brought joy to the people of the region.

Speaking on the occasion, Foreign Minister Al-Yahya stressed the depth of relations between Kuwait and Tajikistan, pointing to the two countries’ keenness to enhance means of cooperation in various fields. He also pointed out the importance of bringing points of view closer and strengthening ties between members of the diplomatic corps, adding that “this social factor is important to break all barriers, so we are keen to be present on these occasions.”

For his part, Ambassador Zubaydullo expressed his happiness with the participation of Foreign Minister Abdullah Al-Yahya at the Ghabka, and stressed the depth of Tajik-Kuwaiti relations, which he described as distinguished. He added that the participation of ambassadors and heads of missions in the Ghabka reflects their respect for traditional Kuwaiti Ramadan customs, and is a recognition that these events provide an opportunity to strengthen ties between diplomatic colleagues and Kuwaiti society.

Explaining the significance of Nowruz and its abiding relationship with the culture of Tajikistan, the ambassador said that Nowruz marks the arrival of spring, the rejuvenation of nature, the beginning of agricultural activities, and the vernal equinox. The term Nowruz, which translates to ‘new day’, signifies the start of a new solar year, promoting inclusivity, harmony with nature, and the preservation of customs across generations. He added that Nowruz is one of the oldest New Year’s holidays in the world

He noted that “Nowruz, with all its customs and rituals, is much greater than just a history in Tajik calendar, it carries a deep-rooted culture, which brings hope, peace and prosperity to millions of people around the globe, regardless of their races or political and religious views.The most significant aspect in the history of Navruz’s emergence and spread is that its philosophy, wisdom, and logic are not associated with any religion or religious movement. Rather, Nowruz is a purely folk ritual, equally significant for everyone; a celebration of nature and agriculture, marking the beginning of the year.”

He added that the spirit of Nowruz conveyed the same message throughout the world — one of human solidarity, hope and renewal, and is a reminder that our destiny is the same, so we must work for a better future for all.

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