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Civil Service Bureau needs revamp to streamline job lists for seekers

The sources highlighted a group registered since 1999 but uninterested in jobs, noting a subgroup that declined offers over 20 times.

  • The sources emphasized the need to encourage high school diploma holders to pursue further education through university studies, training courses, or vocational programs, with options for financial assistance like scholarships or other programs if needed.

According to sources cited by Al-Anbaa newspaper, given the growing number of job seekers and the goal of expediting citizen employment, there is a pressing need to streamline employment lists at the Civil Service Bureau. This imperative is aimed at exploring innovative solutions and fostering job opportunities for aspiring professionals.

The sources explained that there is a category of individuals who registered in the system since its inception in 1999 but have not reviewed the office and are not interested in being offered a job.

They added: “We have a category that has rejected job opportunities more than 20 times, and according to the regulations, the right to refuse is unlimited. This situation has repercussions, such as repeated nominations for the same entity because there are no needs in other entities that match their specialization.”

The sources addressed several categories of individuals, including those with academic certificates below high school level or without any certificates. They noted that these individuals have not enrolled in specialized courses required by certain government agencies, despite the availability of vacancies that require national cadres in fields such as firefighting, customs, and healthcare.

The sources emphasized the importance of directing these individuals towards such fields, either through job opportunities provided by training courses or educational programs to enhance their chances of securing permanent employment. Additionally, they highlighted the creation of job opportunities tailored to this category through collaboration with the private sector.

The sources also stressed the need to motivate another group, specifically those with a high school diploma, to further their education by outlining educational options such as university or college studies, training courses, or vocational programs. If financial constraints hinder education, the provision of financial assistance, information about scholarships, or other financing programs could be considered as solutions.

Furthermore, the sources mentioned the category of elderly individuals registered in the system, some of whom are over 60 years old and have been rejected by all government agencies. They suggested the implementation of alternative strategies to reduce the number of people waiting for employment opportunities.

The sources concluded by stating, “There is also a group that requires urgent attention, namely university graduates with specializations not currently in demand by government agencies. It is time for specialized authorities, including the Bureau, universities, the General Authority for Applied Education and Training, and the Ministry of Education, to collaborate on rehabilitating individuals with these specialized qualifications.”

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