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Creative Point Event launches initial project “Culinary Festival 2024”

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

Creative Point Company, newest event management company recently launched its initial project “Culinary Festival 2024”. Slated on the 8th of March 2024 at Al Salam Mall in Salmiyah will feature international cuisines from different restaurants and home based food products in Kuwait.

Initially organized by Masterclass Lifestyles Workshops series of projects have been organized in the past included participation of embassies and entrepreneurs among which were bazaars and exhibitions featured embassies services such as trade, consular and tourism sectors. The Culinary Festival 2024 will highlight selected restaurants that will feature international and popular cuisines and dishes.

The event will also provide home based products platform to promote and market their items, some which have been selling on line successfully. “We will be inviting popular local chef celebrities and diplomats to attend the occasion and comprise the board of judges to sample and choose winners on food entries prepared by Masterchefs and Amateur Chefs. Raffle draws and cultural entertainment numbers will also add sparkle to the event.

Invitations have been sent to 63 embassies in Kuwait to participate and recommend restaurants that serve their cuisines. This will somehow help in providing information on locations of restaurants and their cuisines. Interested vendors and exhibitors may contact 55650296 (Whatsapp) for more details.

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