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Conference recommends panels to set criteria for AI in medicine

The 16th Conference of the Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences, themed “the artificial intelligence .. boosting the health and attaining goals of the Islamic Shariaa,” has recommended forming committees grouping medicine, shariaa professors, high tech producers and patients’ representatives to set criteria for employing the artificial intelligence in medicine.

The organization’s chairperson, Dr. Mohammad Al-Jarallah, said in a press release on Saturday that the conference recommended that basic treatment remains for humans and not equipment, conforming AI programs with the shariaa, medical and social norms and prohibiting it from altering genes.

It also advised that accords should be worked out with local and international institutions to back up digital transformation, establishing official authorities to exclusively represent the State locally and externally for devising and managing plans, policies and strategies concerning the IT, data, statistics and digital transformation.

Moroever, the conference called for conducting researches and studies, examining top practices and methods in the digital transformation realm, following up on latest innovations, conventions and conducting sufficient studies about the AI benefits.

The AI employment must be aimed at attaining human race interests, observing religious beliefs, human dignity, Islamic and humanitarian values, attaining justice, avoiding hmmr and ensuring human’s control over machines.

Dr. Al-Jarallah added that the AI emergence is a new phase where “the digital health” predominates the realm, noting that His Almighty’s creation cannot be compared with the human technologies.

The conference that started on Tuesday with an Amiri sponsorship focused on the pivotal role of public health, preventive medicine, upgrading health policies, rational governance and the AI role in preserving the shariaa objectives. (KUNA)

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