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Counselor Nayef Al-Dahoum steps down from trial of defendants in arson case

Counselor Nayef Al-Dahoum, the head of the Criminal Court circuit, has opted to recuse himself from presiding over the trial of the defendants accused of setting fire to the vicinity of Counselor Sultan Bouresli’s house. This decision was made in light of recent developments surrounding the case.

Consequently, the matter has been referred to the president of the court to appoint another circuit for the trial proceedings, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The defendants, implicated in the intentional arson of Counselor Bouresli’s vehicle, were apprehended by the criminal security sector, led by the Capital Investigation Department and the Anti-Financial Crimes Department. The arrest occurred at a farmhouse in Kabd, where it was revealed that the accused individuals, whose nationality remains unspecified, have a history of prior convictions and involvement in drug-related offenses.

Of particular significance is one defendant’s past involvement in robbery cases involving money transport vehicles. This individual had previously been convicted for a similar offense in 2004 and had only been released from prison two years prior to the recent incident. During interrogations, both defendants admitted to utilizing a motorcycle, which they had repainted from red to black, in order to evade detection during their operation.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the case continues to garner attention for its implications on matters of criminal justice and public safety.

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