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Civil Service Commission, ministry join forces to align budgets and job grades

Two years after halting its coordination role, the decision to collaborate with the bureau aims to avoid depleting grades designated for specific entities.

  • The Civil Service Commission will ensure balanced resource allocation and prevent position accumulation in specific entities, streamlining candidate appointments and necessary specializations.

The Civil Service Commission will collaborate with the Ministry of Finance and other relevant authorities to set budgets and job grades across ministries, institutions, and government agencies, sources informed Al-Anbaa newspaper.

Sources explained that the bureau’s participation will enrich discussions on the required number of grades for each entity, drawing from its accumulated experience. It will also determine the necessary specializations and ensure a balanced distribution of resources to prevent delays in candidate appointments and avoid the accumulation of positions in certain entities.

Sources added that the decision to engage with the bureau came two years after freezing its coordination role between the annual recruitment budget and the needs of individual entities, aiming to prevent the depletion of grades for specific entities.

Regarding the potential revival of supplementary accreditation for employment, sources indicated that there’s no need to reintroduce it to ministries for the fiscal year 2024-2025. This decision aligns with accurately setting budgets and grades according to the specific needs of each government agency.

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