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Carmel School Kuwait conducts Investiture Ceremony 2024-2025, after a successful election

Great Leaders don’t tell you what to do…They show you how it is done!!

On April 15, 2024 the students of Class X-A presented a Leadership Assembly.

The assembly began by invoking the blessings of the Almighty with a Prayer Song, Prayer, and recitation of the Holy Quran.

This was followed by a meaningful skit highlighting the qualities essential for a leader. It imparted the idea that a good leader is someone who leads people to success by guiding them along every turn in its path.

The Principal of Carmel School, Sr. Christy Maria, addressed the students. Her words of wisdom, inspired all.

In keeping with the democratic traditions of Carmel School, the campaign for electing the school cabinet kickstarted with the candidates for the post of Head Boy and Head Girl, speaking about the reasons why they were worthy of the posts they were seeking.

Sunday 21st April, 2024 witnessed yet another school election when the Management, staff and students of the High School of Carmel School Kuwait, voted to elect their new Head Boy & Head Girl.

The proceedings began with the candidates, who, in the presence of the Principal & Vice Principal, were instructed on the procedure to be followed.

Principal Sr. Christy Maria, cast the first vote followed by Vice Principal Sr. Saritha, the candidates themselves and then by the staff & High School students.

Counting of votes took place in the presence of the Principal, Vice Principal, candidates and the Election Committee.