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CAN committed to training doctors in early detection of cancers

The National Cancer Prevention Campaign (CAN) says it is committed to training doctors on the latest advancements in early detection of head, neck, and thyroid cancers.

During the closing ceremony of the annual awareness campaign for thyroid cancer, themed “Knowledge is Life,” Dr. Khaled Al-Saleh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CAN, highlighted the importance of training doctors to recognize early signs for swift diagnosis and treatment. Cooperation with the Ministry of Health departments aims to enhance the preparedness of medical and nursing personnel in early detection and added CAN has trained 2,983 doctors, including 1,533 primary care doctors and 1,450 dentists.

Dr. Al-Saleh emphasized CAN’s dedication to training nurses in communication skills with cancer patients and their families, with 2,585 nurses successfully trained. He stressed the significance of such campaigns in raising community awareness about cancerous diseases and recognizing their initial signs.

Dr. Iman Al-Shammari, an official of the campaign, underscored the crucial role of community awareness in the early detection of thyroid cancer, prevention methods, and providing comprehensive strategies to combat the disease.

The week-long campaign featured seminars, medical exhibitions in primary care centers, lectures on disease nature, and reviews of the latest Ministry of Health-approved statistics.
The campaign highlighted possible symptoms, risk factors, and effective ways to prevent thyroid cancer and cancer in general. Dr. Al-Shammari announced the upcoming Gulf Cancer Awareness Week in February.

Thyroid cancer, characterized by abnormal growth of gland cells in the neck’s front part, has an increased risk in women, particularly between ages 40 and 50, and in men between 60 and 70. Family history awareness, self-examination of the thyroid gland, and recognizing signs on the skin, hair, and nails are crucial factors.

Dr. Al-Shammari reassured that thyroid cancer is curable, especially when diagnosed early. Papilloma, the most common and least dangerous type, can be effectively treated by removing the thyroid gland and surrounding lymph nodes.

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