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90% Kuwaiti tourists embrace Spain’s Marbella as ultimate destination

The Kuwaiti enthusiasm for Spain’s jewel is palpable in the tourist influx to the city and the keen interest of investors in purchasing properties here.

About 100,000 Kuwaitis visited Spain last summer through Kuwait Airways and about 50,000 via other airlines

The Cascading visa system for Kuwaitis contributed to increasing the number of tourists to EU nations in general and Spain in particular.

Miguel Moro
Aguiar, Spanish ambassador, highlighted the robust bilateral relations with Kuwait, particularly in tourism. He noted over 100,000 Kuwaiti visitors to Spain last summer via Kuwait Airways and 50,000 via other airlines, amidst a total of 68 million global tourists.

In a statement to journalists during a celebration at his residence, held on the occasion of the visit of the honorary president of “Spain Luxury Foundation” Princess Beatriz de Orleans and Mayor of Marbella Angeles Munoz to Kuwait, Spanish ambassador highlighted the increasing interest of Kuwaiti citizens and tourism companies in ideal tourist destinations like Madrid, Barcelona, and Malaga, attributing this to the rise in direct flights.

He said that the “Cascading” visa system for Kuwaitis “contributed to increasing the number of tourists to European Union nations in general and Spain in particular.

Angeles Munoz, Mayor of Marbella, asserted that her city stands as a beacon of tourism in Southern Europe, serving as the ultimate destination for visits, second home purchases, and investments. She stressed that the partnership with Kuwait further solidifies Marbella’s global leadership in excellence.

Munoz thanked the ambassador for his invitation and for the attendance of members of the ruling Kuwaiti family, Princess Orleans, and representatives of travel agencies, stating that Marbella “feels very close to Kuwait due to the many commonalities we share, and we have a lot to contribute, and we will continue to work on the line of cooperation that we have opened for a long time.”

The mayor underscored that “the Kuwaiti enthusiasm for Marbella is palpable in the tourist influx to our city and the keen interest of investors in purchasing properties here.”

She highlighted that “Marbella’s ties with Kuwait trace back to the early eighties, when Kuwaiti investors exploring the Spanish economy for the first time found Marbella to be an ideal destination for vacations, second homes, and business ventures.” She noted that this alliance has grown over the years.

In her closing remarks to Kuwaitis, the mayor said, “We look forward to ongoing support from Kuwait and anticipate our partnership flourishing further in the future.” Highlighting that 90% of Kuwaiti tourists opt for Marbella in Spain, showcasing our progress,” she affirmed, “We’re on the right path, and together, we’ll forge ahead, always welcoming you with open arms in Marbella, your home away from home.

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