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2,532 cases of forgery in bank documents reported in 2023: report

The Ministry of Interior has issued a warning regarding gangs that are impersonating official government websites and ministries by creating fraudulent websites bearing the logos of government agencies.

According to the Public Relations and Security Media Department of the ministry, these individuals engage in fraudulent activities, particularly electronic theft, by soliciting bank information from unsuspecting individuals.

The department urges citizens and residents who interact with websites to verify their authenticity to avoid falling victim to theft or exploitation, reports Al-Anba daily.

It has been confirmed that these fraudulent websites are under surveillance and being tracked by relevant authorities within the Ministry of Interior, who are prepared to take necessary action against them.

It’s worth noting that crimes such as impersonation of official bodies, fraud, and electronic banking fraud have seen a significant increase recently, coinciding with the growing popularity of internet usage, applications, and services. Opportunistic individuals take advantage of the ignorance, lack of attention, or trust of some internet users by infiltrating their devices and applications and stealing their money and bank account balances.

According to an annual report by the Public Prosecution, there were 2,532 cases of forgery in bank documents reported in 2023, a crime often associated with breaches and theft of bank balances due to victims placing trust in fraudsters and impersonators. In comparison, there were 1,460 cases in 2022 and 545 cases in 2017, indicating a significant increase in recent years due to the widespread use of the internet.

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