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Youth Council supports initiatives to improve traffic, reduce accidents

The Youth Council has emphasized its commitment to supporting initiatives aimed at improving traffic safety and reducing accidents. In light of the rise in traffic accidents in the country, leading to the loss of lives among the youth and other community members, the National Committee for Promoting Peace and Security within the Youth Council has diligently examined strategies to enhance traffic safety in Kuwait.

The committee, comprising members Abdul Rahman Al-Saidi, Wael Al-Anzi, and Latifa Al-Furaih, collaborated with the Ministry of Interior, represented by Lieutenant Colonel Salem Abdullah Al-Radaan, the head of the Farwaniya traffic regulation department, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Lieutenant Colonel Al-Radaan has identified several primary causes of traffic accidents, with mobile phone use taking precedence, followed by factors such as lack of attention, disregard for traffic rules, recklessness, and speeding. He linked these issues to a decline in traffic culture and the outdated nature of existing traffic violation penalties, citing that the fine for mobile phone usage, set more than 50 years ago, is a mere 5 dinars.

Latifa Al-Furaih, spokesperson for the Kuwaiti Youth Council, highlighted the committee’s examination of solutions proposed by the Ministry of Interior and specialists. The study yielded several key recommendations, including:

  • Approval of a law, endorsed by the Interior and Defense Committee in the National Assembly, to increase the fines for traffic violations.
  • Launching a comprehensive media campaign, under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior and with the participation of official and unofficial institutions, to introduce the new law.
  • Integrating traffic culture as a mandatory subject in secondary and university education.
  • Conducting intensive educational seminars and media campaigns in collaboration with various media outlets and social media influencers.
  • Addressing road infrastructure issues, particularly repairing widespread potholes across the country.
  • Responding to concerns about raising the fines for traffic violations, Al-Furaih mentioned that a survey conducted by the committee revealed that 70% of a random sample of 980 citizens supported increasing the fines, especially for mobile phone usage, from 5 dinars to 70 dinars. She explained that this result was anticipated, considering the number of citizens who have been adversely affected by reckless behavior and violations.

The Committee was established based on Ministerial Resolution No. 10 of 2021 in the Ministry of Youth. Its formation is in line with the objectives and terms of reference outlined by the General Youth Authority, focusing on studying issues, addressing problems, and fostering constructive cooperation between institutions to confront challenges.

The committee aligns with United Nations Resolution No. 2250 from the Security Council, emphasizing the involvement of youth in promoting peace and security.

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