World reacts to Iran’s retaliatory air strikes on Israeli occupation

Countries and prominent global figures around the globe reacted Sunday to the wide-scale Iranian strikes on Israeli occupation, which came in response to the occupation’s attack targeting Iranian diplomats in Damascus.

The Jordanian government urged all parties to practice self-restraint, deal responsibly with tensions and refrain from escalating the situation.

In a statement, the cabinet mentioned that Jordanian forces would counter anything undermining the safety and security of the homeland, indicating that it had dealt with parts that entered the Jordanian airspace last night.

Similarly, the Malaysian Foreign Ministry called for restraint and practicing extreme caution to evade escalating the already tense situation.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Hasan warned in a statement that Iran’s vow of a more forceful response should Israeli occupation retaliate again, will create a cycle of violence, and only serve as a form of provocation and a disservice to the Palestinian case.

He urged the international community to not be sidetracked from the main objective of ensuring the rights and freedoms of Palestinian people.

The Foreign Minister repeated Malaysia’s and the United Nations’ call to put an immediate end to the aggressive actions, as this will have uncontrollable consequences.

As for French President, Emmanuel Macron, he condemned Iran’s attack on the Israeli occupation saying that this threatens regional stability.

Macron, via Social Media platform X, affirmed France’s efforts in de-escalating tensions.

Iran launched Saturday an attack against Israeli occupation with tens of drones, in response to occupation’s attack on consulate in Damascus.

Source: KUNA

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