Vietnamese coffee gaining popularity in Kuwait

Interview with Mr. Hung Vu – Vietnamese barista on a trip in Kuwait

Mr. Hung Vu works in Coffilia, the Vietnamese coffee brand with its first shop in Kuwait opened just a few months ago. Since last year, he has conducted a lot of business trips to Kuwait, and his thoughts are shared in the interview below.

The Coffilia coffee shop opened in Kuwait on October of 2023. What are your thoughts on the business of the coffee shop so far?

I think they did a good job in handling the business. The staff and Mr. Luai Al-Qattan – the owner of Coffilia Kuwait – has caught up with the workarounds of the coffee shop and they had conducted many activities to attract the Kuwaiti people, which resulted in more and more people getting to know about the brand and the uniqueness of Vietnamese coffee.

After your many trips to Kuwait, what are your thoughts on the coffee culture in the region?

The coffee culture here is quite diverse. Aside from traditional types of coffee beans such as Arabica and Robusta which are known worldwide, Kuwait also is the meeting point of other specialty coffee beans from countries such as Italy, Kenya,… The people here are also very knowledgeable when it comes to brewing, roasting and enjoying coffee.

And besides coffee, what is the other one thing that impressed you the most in Kuwait?

I got to say it’s the food. I have been to many countries and trying the local cuisine from around the world, and in my opinion Kuwait is among the most unique ones. I wish to come back here more often and try out more of the Arabic cuisine, in which I like most of the dishes.

In your opinion, can Vietnamese coffee be one of the Kuwaiti people’s favorite?

Viet Nam is the second biggest coffee exporter in the world with high-quality coffee beans and products, but to attract Kuwaiti people, I think we need to do more, especially since there are some differences in the strength and flavor between our coffee products and those of the local favorites.

And what will Coffilia do in the future to reach that goal?

Of course we set out many strategies for Coffilia to achieve our goals from the first place. One of the things we plan to do in the future is to open more small shops in different areas for delivering our coffee to more customers, and we plan to hopefully implement the expansion this year.

We are also working on the Coffilia-branded green beans, which will come soon to Kuwait, as we notice that is a growing trend in the consumption market of this country.

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