Viet Nam – Into the Islands: Phu Quoc – The Pearl of the South

In Viet Nam, the image of Phu Quoc island is often associated with sparkling beaches, seafood feasts, and indigo sunsets. Despite its popularity, the island still retains much of its original charm, attracting tourists from around the world every year. And the best part about Phu Quoc is that international tourists can visit here for up to 30 days with no visa needed.

Heritage of the sea

Phu Quoc Island welcomes all types of travelers, from luxury seekers to young parents to college friends, with a sea-breeze atmosphere that cannot be mistaken for anywhere else.

The island’s northern part is covered by forest and there exists one of the most protected and diverse national parks. There will be spots for activities such as camping, bird-watching, and hiking, welcoming outdoor lovers to enjoy.

During the day, you may like to visit one of the island’s many fishing villages to see daily life up close. The villages are easily accessible, and the docks are dotted with brightly painted boats that will make you feel like you’re in a Phu Quoc postcard.

Phu Quoc is also famous for its fish sauce, and it’s well worth touring a fish sauce factory to see how this fermented treasure is made. The island has a long tradition of creating a premium type of fish sauce that’s used not only in Vietnam but around the world.

A world of joy

If you’re coming to Phu Quoc with your family, you’ll be happy to know the island is perfectly set up with activities for all ages.

In the theme parks, you can immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring architecture inspired by the splendors of Europe, where vibrant commercial streets meticulously recreate renowned global entertainment hubs. At the same time, you shall be able to witness the grandeur of Vietnamese culture through magnificent festivals and captivating shows that showcase the rich heritage of this vibrant nation.

Another way to experience the island is to take the 15-kilometer cable car to Hon Thom to play on the slides and rides of the water park, then tour through the Safari back on the main island. The zoological park in Phu Quoc is the largest in Viet Nam, doing important conservation work to protect hundreds of plant and animal species, including rare and endangered ones.

Phu Quoc also offers an abundance of world-class luxury resorts. Here you can wear yourself out hiking and swimming during the day, then come home to pool-side spa services and mixologist-perfected cocktails at upscale bars. The island’s resorts have won international awards for world-class style and services; in fact, Phu Quoc hosted the Gala Ceremony for the World Travel Awards in 2019.

With all this fun awaiting travelers from East to West, be sure to visit Phu Quoc island before the rainy season in July. You will surely enjoy every moment in this wonderful pearl of Southern Viet Nam.

– Images from Viet Nam Tourism Board, VinPear

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