Viet Nam – A Proud and Welcoming Country

I have been telling stories of how beautiful, welcoming Viet Nam is in meetings, receptions and talks with the local people and other diplomats for the last two years of my tenure as the Ambassador of Viet Nam in Kuwait. As Viet Nam is going to celebrate its 78th Independence Day, allow me to, one more time, share how proud and open Viet Nam is nowadays.

We are proud that after thousands of years, Viet Nam is created, shaped and shown in the map of the world as a small but amazing country. Viet Nam has stood the test of time, creating itself a unique culture with stories, traditions that cannot be mistaken with any other places in the world. President Ho Chi Minh officially declared the nation’s identity and independence in 1945, while the place, its people and language had been created for almost a century.

Our pride also blooms from challenges. Both in the past and in the present, Viet Nam has always overcome the external and internal challenges with every tool the people have in hand, to help the country move forward on the path of peace and development. We fought wars and erased the separation between the North and the South.

Today, Viet Nam is a unified, independent country in the international arena. Challenges in the past have helped us realize the important, valuable lessons that could pass on for generations, and those lessons nurture the thing which is called ‘Viet Nam pride’ in us all.

Nothing is more valuable than independence and freedom. That is the sentence learned by heart by everyone in Viet Nam. To be born as citizens of an independent, developing country, and to contribute for the prosperity of it — that is the ultimate mission for all the Vietnamese people around the world, including me and my staff at the Embassy of Viet Nam in Kuwait.

Ever since Viet Nam and Kuwait established relations in 1976 and we opened the embassy in Kuwait in 2003, promoting people-to-people exchange, trade and tourism, attracting more tourists to come to Viet Nam has been one of the main priorities. This year, we are happy to say that Viet Nam is once again open for all.

You may have heard about the beauty of Viet Nam, but only by setting foot on our land can you feel it in every sense. First thing you would notice is how pleasing the weather here could be: with a long shoreline from the North to the South, mountains that reach more than three thousand meters above sea level, our country offers all kinds of seasons. Pick the time and you can enjoy one, two, even four seasons in a day in just one place!

On the road, you will explore the beauty of the scenery. No matter how you travel – by car, train, motorbike, or even by the unique tricycle called ‘xich lo’, you will see the vibrant colors in the city streets, country roads, curving passes and rivers, and so on.

You might have seen the photos on social media, but it would be more impressive to see it for yourself. And we should also mention how enjoyable the beat of life in Viet Nam is. From the peace and tranquility of far out unexplored destinations, to the excitement and buoyancy in the top attractions, tourists have the chance to immerse in one-of-a-kind experiences.

The openness of Viet Nam lies not only in tourism but everything else. We welcome friends from all around the world, and we are proud to serve you with the best. Tourists will also be able to enjoy a month-long stay with the convenience of e-visas, meaning you could think of a trip to Viet Nam anytime and anywhere.

The Embassy of Viet Nam in Kuwait, with the support from partners from both countries, has organized many events to promote cultural exchange, with a view to boosting the identity of Viet Nam among Kuwaiti people and attracting more tourists. On behalf of all the staff that helped organize the events and realize the visions, I am proud to say that the events have been remarkably successful.

My wish for this year’s Independence Day is simple — to see more and more Kuwaiti people come and explore all the beauties of my country. Now, Kuwaitis can easily apply for e-visa to Viet Nam. On the other side, Kuwait has Viet Nam’s support in aspects of development and cooperation, and by strengthening the work on tourism between two countries, Viet Nam and Kuwait will gain its image of each other as an important partner in the development paths of both nations.

From my heart, I would like to express my gratitude to the Kuwait Amir, His Highness Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah; the Kuwait Crown Prince, His Highness Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah; the Kuwait Prime Minister, His Highness Ahmad Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah; the government, businesses and people of Kuwait for choosing Viet Nam, then and now, as a destination for more opportunities. I also have faith that as time passes, Kuwait will always thrive as a well-developed, proud country in the Gulf region.

By H.E. Ngo Toan Thang
Ambassador of Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

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