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Used tires hold potential for Kuwait’s sustainability

•  Dr. Abdullah Al-Zaidan, Deputy Director General for Technical Affairs at the Environment Public Authority states that used tires are a national treasure.

• They can be recycled into raw materials for improved road quality and other applications like thermal insulation and service road paving.

• Due to high electricity demand, especially in summer, these tires can be used in waste-to-energy projects to generate electricity and reduce the burden on power plants.

Following a fire at a used tire storage area in Salmi, Kuwait, Dr. Abdullah Al-Zaidan, Deputy Director General for Technical Affairs at the Environment Public Authority (EPA), emphasized the need for cooperation between government agencies. This collaboration aims to develop sustainable environmental solutions for the “Salmi tire problem.” These solutions would improve environmental conditions and provide opportunities for development projects.

Al-Qabas newspaper reports that Dr. Al-Zaidan explained in a press statement “used tires are a national treasure.” These materials can be used as raw materials to improve road quality. Additionally, recycling offers various applications such as thermal insulation and paving service roads.

He highlighted that due to the high demand for electricity, particularly during summer, these used tires can be used in waste-to-energy projects. This process generates electricity, alleviating the burden on power plants.

Dr. Al-Zaidan further explained that sustainable projects can burn waste, including tires and household waste from landfills. This process reduces the negative environmental impact in the country.

He stressed the need to secure the entire area, including the storage area outside the EPA’s possession. This would involve fulfilling the General Fire Department’s requirements discussed in previous meetings.

These requirements include reducing obstacles, providing fire protection, preventing random tire collection, installing water sources, and implementing continuous monitoring and security. Collaboration with relevant authorities for the public good is crucial.

Dr. Al-Zaidan concluded by stating that the EPA has been working with relevant state agencies over the past years to develop and implement an integrated system and solutions. This aims to reduce the tire problem and achieve a sustainable vision for tire reuse. This includes recycling tires and exporting some according to the Basel Convention for waste, ratified by Kuwait in 2006.

It is noteworthy that the Cabinet decision issued in its meeting No. 31/2019 tasked the EPA with supervising the sites for collecting used tires. Additionally, the Municipal Council approved the decision issued on February 17, 2020, allocating a site for collecting used tires in the Salmi area.

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