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Unstable weather signals 26-day ‘Al-Dharaan’ season with rising temperatures

The angled sun heats soil directly, causing rapid air currents and replacing cold air with hot, creating dust storms.

The Al-Ujairi Scientific Center announced that starting tomorrow, Wednesday, air temperatures will rise as the weather remains unstable, marking the onset of the ‘Al-Dharaan’ season lasting for 26 days.

According to a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) by the center, the Al-Dharaan season is distinguished by the Sarayat, a transient phenomenon during this period. The sun’s angle is such that it directly heats the soil without significantly warming the air, leading to accelerated air currents and the subsequent replacement of cold air by hot air, resulting in dust storms.

The statement further mentioned that the current periods of Sabq al-Sarayat and al-Sarayat represent a transition from the ending Hamim season to the beginning of the Dharaan season, causing notable climate changes and weather instability. During Al-Dharaan, there is a noticeable shift in wind speed and direction, with the season divided into two segments of 13 days each, marking the transition from spring.

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