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Universities in Viet Nam and Kuwait to strengthen cooperation

On April 7, Ms. Huyen Phan – Head of the Arabic Studies division in the Ho Chi Minh City’s University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) conducted meetings with representatives from the Kuwait University, as part of her first working trip to Kuwait.

Receiving Ms. Huyen were Dr. Khalid Al-Fadhli, director of the university’s Language Center and Dr. Jassim Al-Hamdan, Acting Dean of the Student Affairs. The Vietnamese students studying Arabic language at the Kuwait University were also present.

In the meetings, Ms. Huyen gave the Kuwaiti counterparts a brief introduction on the structure and activities of the Arabic Studies division – a part of the Oriental Studies faculty that specializes in comprehensive research on the cultural aspects of the Asian countries.

The general interest in Arabic language has been greatly improved in recent years by means of events organised by the staff teachers at the Arabic Studies division in the USSH, resulting in more and more students choosing to study the language in the university and apply to companies, institutions that offer work with Arabic countries after graduation. Up to 30% of the graduates apply for a position in the embassies and consulates of the Arabic countries in Viet Nam, including Kuwait.

Thanks to the support from the Kuwait government and Viet Nam Embassy in Kuwait, young enthusiastic students has been participating in one-year exchange programs at the Kuwait University from 2013, where they practice their Arabic language skills and learn more about the culture of the Arabic people in general and Kuwaiti people in particular.

Ms. Huyen affirmed that through the bridge of language, the relations between the two countries has been closer than ever. The Vietnamese students not only represent the image of Viet Nam in Kuwait but also bring home the image of Kuwait to the Vietnamese people.

Expressing her gratitude to Dr. Khalid Al-Fadhil and Dr. Jassim Al-Hamdan for the support to Vietnamese students, Ms. Huyen wanted both universities to work on further collaboration in the future, mainly conducting more exchange programs for the students, as well as teachers. She warmly welcomed Dr. Khalid and Dr. Jassim to travel to Viet Nam and explored the possibility of joining the USSH side for linguistics and humanities research.

Dr. Khalid and Dr. Jassim appreciated the enthusiasm from Ms. Huyen and the Vietnamese students, affirming that the university will look into the suggestions and correspond with Arabic-teaching universities in Viet Nam to enhance the cooperation between two sides.

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