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Turkish Embassy Holds Traditional Ghabga Event

Her Excellency Tuba Nur Sonmez, Turkish ambassador to Kuwait, said, “During the ghabqa, we are gathering tonight to transcend borders and cultures and celebrate together in the spirit of unity, compassion, and contemplation.”

On Tuesday, 26 March, the Turkish Embassy hosted its annual Ghabga event at the embassy compound. The gathering was attended by a distinguished group of individuals, including state officials, ambassadors, diplomats, and businessmen. The event featured a delightful blend of Turkish culture, music, and cuisine.

Live Music Performance: Guests were treated to a captivating live music performance by artists Vedia, Hasan, and Onur. The traditional trio of instruments—zither (Kanun), reed (Ney), and Saz—created a magical music fest.

Attendees indulged in a variety of Turkish dishes, including doner, ice cream, baklava, and Turkish coffee.

“Fortunately, I am in Kuwait, which makes me feel at home despite my feelings of homesickness,” said Her Excellency Tuba Nur Sonmez, Turkish ambassador to Kuwait.

Ambassador Sonmez added, “Ghabga is one of the wonderful Kuwaiti traditions that bestow the blessings of the holy month on our meetings. Here, we are gathering together tonight to go beyond borders and cultures and celebrate together in the spirit of unity, compassion, and contemplation.”

She added, “Turkey is famous for its vibrant Ramadan traditions, festive atmosphere, and lively events. During Ramadan, Turkish cities come alive with colorful lights decorating the streets, and markets crowded with shoppers buying special foods and sweets for breakfast.”

She continued, “As someone who has experienced Ramadan in different countries, I can confirm that being away from home during this blessed month raises feelings of homesickness. Fortunately, I am in Kuwait, rich in traditions that make me feel at home.” She explained, “Here, we gather almost daily in ghabqas and diwaniyahs. We see the children dressed in girgan and distribute sweets to them, and taste traditional Kuwaiti dishes during breakfast and suhoor.”

The Turkish ambassador pointed out that “behind the colorful customs lies the true essence of the blessed month of Ramadan. It is more than just a month; it is a time for self-discovery, compassion, and renewal.”

She added, “As we fast from dawn until sunset, we empathize with those who are less fortunate, which enhances feelings of compassion and commitment to helping those in need. As we find ourselves in the middle of this holy month, let us embody its full spirit and carry it with us throughout the year.”

Ambassdaor Sönmez also read President Erdoğan’s Ramadan message, in which he called upon everyone to make the most of the merciful atmosphere of Ramadan. He urged prayers to Almighty Allah for an end to suffering, atrocities, torture, and oppression worldwide, particularly in Palestine.

A beautiful blend of culture, music, and heartfelt connections marked this memorable event at the Turkish Embassy.

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