“Train to be fit not skinny” says Fitness Coach

“Train to be fit and not skinny” stated Rijish Joseph, Fitness Trainer at Future Body Gym in Samiyah. In a brief interview with Joseph, disclosed that many people think if they are able to stay lean while eating poorly to achieve weight loss is ideal. But though external manifestations might appear healthy on the outside, but one can have health concerns similar to those who are suffering from obesity.

As summer approaches and beaches start to fill up with visitors, having a great physical form is but a compliment to many.  In achieving such physique one is often confronted with millions of ways and means and in most cases contradicting.

“As ways of lives  evolve ach day, so are with approaches to being healthy and fit, old ways are products of personal experiences and studies yet modern formulations present in addition updated precepts and extensive medical researches to attain  health and fitness safely. Joseph reiterated that “hydration” is the key during hot season workouts and hydrating the body with enough liquid supplement will provide body organs to function essentially during workouts.

Among those Joseph mentioned as essential supplements include: Fruits, coconut water, lemon water and controlled sodium intake. Essential Amino Acids are but additional suplements too. Amino acids are organic compounds composed mainly of nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The body needs 20 different amino acids to grow and function properly. While all 20 of these are important for health, only 9 are classified as essential.

Three different health goals were also identified by Joseph. For overweight individuals, more repetitions on weigh training is ideal, ample cardio workout, a diet with controlled sugar intake, low carbohydrates with focus on removal of fat based food.

For those who are into weight gain; lesser cardio hours with focus on high calorie diet based on the needs.  For those above 50 years old; light cardio workout, less repetitions on weight training and attention to medical background and history is fundamental.

Common among gym buffs is the wrong notion that what champion body builders workouts apply to them and thus by watching videos and clips as well as suggestions  will  definitely produce similar results.

Joseph noted that there are different body types and each one connotes  set of workouts and diet so generalizing the approach to workout and diet can lead to either failure to achieve the goals or to unhealthy results. “We need to take care of our body  after all, it’s the only place we have to live” ende Joseph.

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