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The Russian Ambassador discusses international relations at Reconnaissance Research

Reconnaissance Research hosted the Russian Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Mr. Vladimir Zheltov, in a high-level panel discussion. The discussion was fruitful and shed light on the Russian Federation’s positions on several major regional and international issues.

His Excellency discussed the fundamental differences between the historical and contemporary roles of major powers in the region, with a particular focus on the differences between the American and British approach versus the Russian approach.


He also expressed Russia’s steadfast position in supporting the Palestinian cause and criticized Western attempts to change the basic principles of peace in the Middle East, especially through the Abraham Accords, which he believes undermine the principle of establishing an independent Palestinian state.

Regarding Ukraine, the Ambassador expressed Russia’s broader and more comprehensive view on the concept of Western intervention in the internal affairs of states and the stirring of manageable chaos in an attempt to contain rising powers hostile to Western policies aimed at maintaining American dominance in the world and building a new multipolar world order.

The race for global supremacy and the rising role of China and BRICS as new competing powers were focal points in the discussion. His Excellency emphasized that Russia, with its rich natural resources, is not in need of competing for energy resources in the Middle East, directing attention towards enhancing relations and Russia’s strong presence in areas of more importance to Russia’s strategic and security interests, specifically in its immediate external surroundings like Eastern Europe.

Abdulaziz Al-Anjeri, the Founder and CEO of Reconnaissance Research, expressed his appreciation for the Ambassador’s participation, stating: “Cooperation with the Russian side represents a valuable contribution that enhances our understanding of international dynamics and their impact on regional issues.”

He added: “We look forward to hosting more discussions that bring together Russian experts and officials to promote dialogue that serves peace and stability in the region.”

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