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Teachers stage sit-in at MOE over fingerprint system

A group of educators took to the streets, gathering in front of the Ministry of Education headquarters to voice their opposition to the implementation of a fingerprint system in schools.

The teachers argue that their profession differs significantly from typical office work, making the use of a fingerprint system unnecessary for monitoring attendance. They stress that each teacher follows a predetermined schedule to teach students and that their commitment to their duties is evident through their presence in classrooms, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Speaking on behalf of the protesting teachers, Talal Al-Enezi clarified that their goal is not to abolish the fingerprint system entirely but to urge the Minister of Education and other officials to thoroughly evaluate decisions before implementing them.

Al-Enezi emphasized that the current implementation of the fingerprint system lacks proper organization and justification, leading to infringements on teachers’ rights. He highlighted the additional responsibilities teachers often shoulder, such as overseeing shifts, administrative tasks, and organizing school events, which are not reflected in their official duties.

While expressing willingness to cooperate with the fingerprint system, Al-Enezi stressed the importance of safeguarding teachers’ rights and acknowledging the demanding nature of their profession. He criticized remarks by the Minister of Education downplaying the challenges of teaching, calling for a reevaluation of such statements.

The sit-in serves as a reminder of the vital role teachers play in the education system and their dedication to ensuring fair treatment and effective management within schools.

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