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Task force formed to look for hit-and-run motorist

The Jahra Governorate Search and Investigation Department has formed a task force to look for an unidentified suspect who is wanted by law in connection with a felony.

The accused was reported to have been traveling in a black American four-wheeler. The informant, although unfamiliar with the accused, provided security officials with comprehensive details, including the license plate of the vehicle in question.

In terms of case specifics, a source in the security department disclosed that an undocumented resident approached the Jahra police station and filed two medical reports under Felony Case No. 1/242. The first report documented his own fifth metatarsal fracture, while the second detailed his brother’s right femur bone fracture.

According to the informant, the injuries were inflicted by an unknown person driving a four-wheeler who had allegedly struck and run over both the informant and his brother. The informant’s brother is currently hospitalized in Ward 13 of Jahra Hospital.

Providing insight into the incident, the informant explained that he had noticed a vehicle circling around a camp. Upon requesting the driver to leave, the driver refused, resisted, and subsequently ran him over. When the informant’s brother intervened to assist, he was assaulted and also run over by the accused.

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