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State Properties set to launch 20 new exciting projects

In an exclusive interview with Al-Rai newspaper, AsmaAl-Moussa, Director of the General Authority for Partnership Projects, said that our mission is to enhance the public budget by doubling revenues.

The partnership authority finalizes law amendments, awaits Fatwa Department approval – Mega projects to generate 5600 megawatts of electricity and 153 million gallons of water by 2025. The “Tent Property project relaunch boosts revenues by 150-fold.

The General Authority for Public-Private Partnership Projects has achieved significant progress by finalizing amendments to the Partnership law. These amendments aim to expedite the documentation process for tendering public entities’ projects, thereby encouraging more entities to submit their projects through the authority.

Asma Al-Moussa, the acting director of the commission, announced that the amendments to its law have been successfully finalized. These amendments have been forwarded to the Fatwa Department for legal review before being submitted to the Council of Ministers.

At a time when the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy fears the specter of electricity shortages in the coming years, Al-Mousa predicted in an interview with Al-Rai newspaper that the implementation of three megaprojects for the production of electricity and water, with a production capacity of 5,600 megawatts and 153 million gallons, will begin during the year 2025, provided that they are operational within three years from the implementation phase.

Regarding state property management projects, Al-Mousaelaborated that ‘the competition committee, dedicated cataloging state assets, has identified between 15 to 20projects that qualify for partnership characteristics and are subject to re-tendering.’

He further disclosed that ‘the authority is currently in the process of appointing two advisory bodies to prepare the documents for these auctions, which will then be presented to investors.’

She revealed that ‘the goal behind the re-offering of state property projects is to maximize the public budget by doubling the revenues collected from these projects. Elaborating further, she highlighted the notable success of the tent property project, which saw its revenues skyrocket by 150 times after being re-tendered, alongside other properties that achieved revenue increases of up to 400 times.

She emphasized that ‘there is a desire by the Kuwait Municipality to re-offer the project of converting solid waste into electrical energy to investors, and the authority has no objection to re-offering this project, which was previously canceled. However, this is contingent upon the municipality re-evaluating the project while addressing the issues that led to its cancellation.

She announced that the authority is gearing up to launch six major projects, including three for electricity, water, and communications, two state property projects, and a fixed communications network development project. Emphasizing the authority’s commitment to easing the financial burden on the state budget, she highlighted efforts to attract investors for implementing public entity projects facilitated by the authority.

Announcing six major projects on the horizon:

1. For developing the fixed communication network

2. For state property development

3. For electricity and water production

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