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South Africa eases visa process, waives fees for Kuwaiti travelers

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H.E Dr. Manelisi Genge, the South African ambassador to Kuwait, confirmed that the tourism sector in South Africa is experiencing growth. He highlighted a significant increase in the number of travelers from the Middle East, including Kuwait, with 54,339 visitors to South Africa from January to December 2023. This marks a 33.7 percent rise compared to the same period in 2022.

Ambassador Genge pointed to the increase in the number of tourists from Kuwait to South Africa, averaging up to 1,477 in 2023. This indicates the growing demand among Kuwaitis and expatriates to travel to South Africa, which has become their favorite destination.

He added, “South Africa offers a comprehensive experience characterized by culture and mild weather throughout the year. In addition to wildlife, adventure sports, picturesque views, delicious food, friendly people, and cultural experiences, it is a land full of distinctive opportunities for tourists to create lifelong memories.”

The ambassador pointed out that tourism in South Africa is affordable and offers visitors great value for their money, making it one of the unique tourist destinations in the world. He added, “South Africa is also famous for its medical tourism and internationally accredited hospitals, which offer world-class treatments ranging from advanced surgeries to cosmetic improvements at affordable prices.”

He highlighted that many tourists visit South Africa to enjoy a comprehensive therapeutic and hospital experience, where they can recover in a tranquil environment. South Africa also offers health havens in world-class health resorts, traditional treatment centers, and spas.

Ambassador Genge continued, “Our embassy offers travelers from Kuwait a simplified process for visa applications, and Kuwaiti citizens have been exempted from paying visa fees.”

He stated that the South African Embassy in Kuwait uses its public diplomacy to promote South Africa’s brand in the host country. South Africa is proud of its cultural diplomacy, where tourism and culture are intertwined. He added, “Therefore, tourism in South Africa plays a key role in promoting the country as an educational hub and as one of the preferred business and investment destinations for travelers from Kuwait and other countries.”

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