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Social Affairs seeks approval for shift work for some employees

The Ministry of Social Affairs has formally submitted a request to the head of the Civil Service Commission, seeking approval to assign certain supervisory positions, such as directors, controllers, and department heads within the social care sector, to engage in the “shift” system.

This would apply to administrative roles, including workers in secretarial, typist, administrative, and information systems departments. The purpose of this initiative, as per sources, is to enhance the overall performance, efficiency, and workflow within this crucial sector, which caters to special categories such as the elderly, residents of juvenile care, and family foster care departments. The aim is to establish round-the-clock, continuous operations within residential facilities, reports Al-Jarida daily.

The request was granted approval by the Bureau in line with Civil Service Council Resolution No. (12) of 2012, pertaining to compensation for overtime assignments and the implementation of the shift system, along with subsequent amendments. With this approval, the Ministry is empowered to issue necessary assignment decisions for these employees. The Ministry underscores its commitment to coordinating in advance with relevant stakeholders to ensure optimal adherence to laws and regulations governing work practices.

Simultaneously, inspection teams focusing on cooperative societies continue their field visits as part of efforts to enhance performance, streamline operations, intensify oversight, and safeguard shareholder rights. These teams, composed of Cooperative Control and Inspection Department personnel and specialists in administrative and financial domains, conduct scheduled inspections based on a monthly task plan.

The schedule, approved by the Assistant Undersecretary for Cooperation Affairs, outlines the scope of work for each team, with a maximum duration of one week, extendable once if necessary.
The sector’s agent in charge, Ahmed Al-Freij, closely monitors the teams’ activities, addressing violations promptly. In cases where boards of directors fail to rectify violations or respond to recorded complaints, the Ministry takes legal measures, including forming investigation committees to scrutinize cooperative operations and accounts.

Additionally, the Ministry’s Human Resources Development Center within the Planning and Administrative Development Sector has announced the opening of registration for employees interested in scholarships and study leaves for the academic year 2024/2025. The opportunity is available for graduate students pursuing higher diplomas, master’s, or doctorate degrees, while study leaves cater to those seeking post-secondary diplomas or bachelor’s degrees. Registration is open from the beginning of February until the end of April.

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