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Significant increase in court cases highlighted in Kuwait

The authorities responsible for the litigation file in Kuwait are facing a critical issue as the number of court cases continues to rise. Despite the pressing need for necessary measures and interventions, the Supreme Judicial Council, the Ministry of Justice, and the National Assembly have yet to take action to confront this surge in litigation.

In 2011, the Kuwaiti courts registered 500 cases, a number that significantly escalated to 1.2 million cases by 2019. Disturbingly, the numbers have continued to climb. In the past year alone (2023), the courts recorded a staggering 1,572,341 cases. This signifies an unprecedented increase of 400,000 cases within just four years, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

The rising number of court cases has raised concerns across Kuwait. Legal experts and observers have stressed the urgency of addressing this issue promptly. Failure to take the necessary measures may perpetuate the burden on the judicial system, affecting the timely resolution of cases and potentially undermining the overall effectiveness of the justice system.

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