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Report shows several MOE employees did not work for months

A report by the Employment Affairs Monitors at the Civil Service Commission caused a huge surprise, as it revealed that a number of employees and supervisors in the Ministry of Education did not mark their attendance through the fingerprint system, which means that they did not work for several continuous months.

The report, a copy of which has been obtained by Al-Qabas daily, criticized the Ministry of Education’s failure to take the necessary measures in such cases, indicating that the Ministry did not take any legal or administrative measures that should be followed when employees fail to adhere to attendance rules and regulations during official work.

The report indicated that the Ministry also did not commit to depriving them salary and allowances for the periods of their absence from work, where in some cases the absence exceeded 15 continuous days or 30 non-consecutive days within twelve months.

The report stressed that in such cases, the rule of arbitrary resignation must be applied in their regard, taking into account the text of Article 35 of the Civil Service Council decision. It was noteworthy that the report mentioned the names of employees, including directors, department heads, and observers, in various work centers in the Ministry of Education.

According to the report, it was found that the Ministry of Education did not adhere to the provisions of Civil Service Council Resolution No. 41/2006 regarding the rules, provisions and controls of official work and its amendments, and Bureau Circular No. 42/2007 regarding the use of the fingerprint system as the sole proof of attendance and departure, as the aforementioned CSC decision specified the rules and the provisions of work controls, as Article 10 of it stipulates that the employee must commit to attendance, and this is proven via fingerprint or by the method that the administration deems appropriate if proof via fingerprint is not possible in some workplaces.

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