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Registration to culinary scholarship for Filipino household service workers continues

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

Registration to a one-day scholarship program  for Filipino household service workers continues amidst a huge flow of inquiries and bookings to reserve dates for classes. Masterclass Lifestyles Workshops  hold classes every Friday from 2 to 5pm at its workshop studio to accommodate a three hour session program.

In a brief interview with The Times Kuwait, the Workshop’s Director mentioned that the Friday classes since the scholarship program commenced has gathered 52 attendees and it hopes to achieve more than a hundred within ten sessions. Members of the State of Kuwait Lady Eagles Club, who are cosponsors of the program, ensured that they are present to congratulate the participants after each session every Friday.

President of the club Annie Centeno stated that the program is more than just a three hour class but a life changing experience for each of the participants. “We spoke to some of the participants after each class and heard very positive comments on the knowledge and experience they acquired from the program. It is heartwarming to hear them express their gratitude for coming up with such a project and hope that other workers will see the value of the classes” stated Centeno.

The program started six weeks back and each week has been attended by 7 participants in each class. Masterchef Mariefe Torio  and Chef Ricky Laxa, spearhead the training program that teaches the essentials of baking breads for bakery sales. Popular types of bread are made during the classes with free ingredients provided to all participants.

Among the breads produced in the classes are Pan de Sal, Spanish Bread, Cinnamon Roll, Hotdog buns, Cheese Breads, Mini Pizzas, Doughnuts and among popular local delicacy; Zaatar Bread, which is well liked by employers who get to try the dough from the class.

Mobile communications firm Ooredoo, also ensured that each participant receives a complimentary sim card with load. The program is being held in collaboration with the Migrant Workers Office and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration. Masterclass Lifestyle Workshops Studio is located at the basement of The Walk Mall in Salem Mubarak Street in Salmiya. The workshop also offers, Art of cake decorating, Chocolate making, International cuisines, Japanese Cuisine, Filipino Gourmet Merienda and more. For more details, call: 55650296.

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