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Prosecution interrogation reveals new details about the ‘ISIS cell’

In the ongoing investigations into the “ISIS terrorist cell,” reliable sources have unveiled additional information as the Public Prosecution continued investigations with the suspects for the third consecutive day.

Those arrested are accused of planning to bomb places of worship, targeting Kuwait’s security, and destabilizing society, along with other charges related to state security.

An informed source said that four defendants have retracted their earlier confessions and once again denied the accusations against them during the recent interrogation, reports Al-Qabas daily.

During the latest hearing before the Detention Renewal Authority, the detention of the four suspects — a Kuwaiti citizen and three Tunisians – has been renewed for an additional two weeks.

The charges against them include joining a banned group and plotting to bomb three mosques and Husseiniyat.

The source revealed that the State Security investigations have submitted evidence, including photos and plans found on the defendants’ phones, depicting places of worship and other vital locations targeted for bombing operations.

Additionally, intercepted conversations and assignments from ISIS leaders abroad were presented, indicating a premeditated plan to cause mass casualties and sow panic in society.

According to the source, investigations uncovered that the terrorist cell was on the verge of implementing its criminal plan. However, timely action by the Ministry of Interior thwarted one of the largest and most dangerous terrorist plans, preventing potential atrocities.

Further investigations revealed that ISIS had been actively seeking to recruit individuals sympathetic to its ideology for carrying out terrorist operations in Kuwait. The defendants had allegedly learned to manufacture explosives specifically for conducting terrorist acts in places of worship and vital sites based on directives from ISIS leaders in Syria and Iraq.

The source emphasized that investigations are ongoing, with continuous efforts to collect information and uncover any individuals connected to the arrested terrorist elements. Suspects will be summoned for further investigation as part of the ongoing steps to enhance security measures.

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