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Proposals submitted for improving infrastructure, safety

During a recent session of the Municipal Council, member Alia Al-Farsi and Vice President Khaled Al-Mutairi presented proposals aimed at enhancing municipal infrastructure and safety.

Alia Al-Farsi’s proposal addressed the growing concern of delivery bikes occupying sidewalks, hindering pedestrian movement, and causing wear and tear to public spaces. Al-Farsi emphasized the need to identify alternative parking locations, such as public parking lots or designated areas, in coordination with relevant authorities. Citing municipal jurisdiction outlined in Law No. 33 of 2016, Al-Farsi advocated for city beautification efforts and prioritizing pedestrian safety in urban planning, reports Al-Jarida daily.

Vice President Khaled Al-Mutairi introduced a proposal to establish weighing stations for trucks, ensuring compliance with load specifications and mitigating road damage caused by overloaded vehicles.

Al-Mutairi underscored the urgency of this initiative, especially in conjunction with ongoing highway repair projects. He highlighted the detrimental impact of excessive truck loads on road infrastructure, leading to premature deterioration and significant repair costs borne by the state.

These proposals reflect the Municipal Council’s commitment to addressing pressing urban challenges and safeguarding public infrastructure. By promoting pedestrian-friendly environments and regulating truck loads, the council aims to enhance municipal aesthetics, safety, and sustainability for the benefit of all residents.

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