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Power shortage crisis to hit Kuwait in 2024

A reliable source within the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy has forewarned about an imminent electricity shortage crisis anticipated to afflict the ministry, commencing next year and peaking in 2026.

The source told Al-Rai daily, “Based on engineering projections, the annual surge in current consumption is projected to escalate by 4.8 percent annually. Consequently, the envisaged energy deficit in the summer of 2024 is estimated at 276 megawatts, with electrical production expected to reach 17,477 megawatts, while consumption is forecasted to hit 17,753 megawatts.”

Furthermore, he noted that the energy shortfall predicament will persist in 2025, with the deficit projected to soar to 528 megawatts. Projections indicate that production will reach 18,077 megawatts, while consumption is anticipated to peak at 18,605 megawatts. Anticipating the climax of the crisis in 2026, the source predicted a deficit of 1,141 megawatts. Projections indicate that production will reach 18,357 megawatts, while consumption is expected to surge to 19,498 megawatts.

The source revealed that the Ministry is actively seeking solutions to avert this impending crisis. This includes exploring options such as purchasing or exchanging energy within the Gulf electrical interconnection system and implementing a comprehensive rationalization plan across all sectors. He underscored the urgency of expediting procedures and eliminating obstacles hindering projects aimed at enhancing production capacity.

2024: Production 17,477 megawatts and consumption 17,753 megawatts
2025: Production to 18,077 megawatts and consumption to 18,605 megawatts
2026: Production 18,357 megawatts and consumption 19,498 megawatts

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