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Planning Sector presents 53 design proposals for establishment of new schools

An educational report has unveiled that the Educational Facilities and Planning Sector within the Ministry of Education has successfully presented 53 design proposals for the establishment of new schools across diverse educational zones.

Among these, 38 designs are intended for schools listed for demolition and reconstruction, while 15 are designated for the development of vacant lands earmarked for school construction in contemporary residential areas, including Al-Masayel and Al-Aqeela, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to the report, the Facilities Sector will collaborate with the Ministry of Finance to secure the necessary budget for the immediate demolition and rebuilding of schools once the design proposals are finalized.

Priority will be accorded based on the specific needs of regions and the student population density in their respective schools. The report clarifies that the closure of old schools aligns with structural inspection reports sanctioned by the Government Center for Inspections, Quality Control, and Research at the Ministry of Works.

These schools are distributed throughout Kuwait, including ten that have been closed for a decade, with five in the Jahra area (Al-Muatasem, Al-Miqdad, Al-Jahra Primary School, Kazma, Hamza Kindergarten) and five in the Ahmadi region (Ahmadi High School, Secondary Religious Institute, Al Amal Kindergarten, Al Farazdaq, Latifa Al Fares).

In a related development, a significant hurdle for the upcoming academic year has been overcome as the Ministry of Education has concluded the awarding of a furniture tender valued at 1.5 million dinars to a company.

The contract includes the supply of 80,000 chairs, 80,000 tables, and school and office furniture for all four educational stages. An educational source informed Al-Rai that the new furniture will soon be delivered to the Department of Supplies and Stores.

It will furnish 20 new schools set to commence operations next year, in addition to replacing damaged furniture in schools currently under the department’s jurisdiction.

The source noted that by awarding the furniture tender and securing service contracts spanning three academic years (maintenance, air conditioning, buses, cleaning), the upcoming academic year is poised to be distinguished in terms of preparation, with focus limited to printing textbooks and undertaking necessary maintenance work.

Furthermore, the public education sector is actively engaged in selecting new schools that will be operational during the next academic year in Al-Mutlaa.

The decision-making process considers the educational levels needed by the community, emphasizing that approximately 100 male and female students residing in the city are already registered in Jahra schools for the current academic year.

It’s important to note that the process for opening schools in modern residential areas adheres to several standards set by the Ministry of Education, with a critical criterion being the availability of half the required number of students relative to the total school capacity.

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