Tourism is certainly the largest source of income in Jammu and Kashmir. Thousands of people are connected in one way or the other. Though the outbreak of Covid 19 in the past has affected the tourism sector but luckily it has mushroomed again. The current administration has paid more attention to revive efficient tourism in the valley which is the biggest reason people are reaping its fruit. Last year also, countless visited Kashmir. The destinations which have been lately discovered were also explored by the visitors. The horsemen, guides, hoteliers, shopkeepers, drivers, etc, seemed satisfied with the rush of tourists.

This year a good flow of tourists was seen in the winter season. It is good news that the spring season gave a good start to the winter tourism industry; now, with the opening of Asia’s most extensive tulip garden, tourism has taken new heights. Who doesn’t love tulips? Of course, there are many tulips lovers in the world. The beauty of this garden has compelled people to visit Kashmir.

The garden also raised hope for the people who are earning their bread through tourism. It is good news that around 90’000 tourists visited Asia’s largest tulip garden with great enthusiasm. The love for tulips has attracted people from all over the world. Not only the tourists but also the locals adored the delicate and beautiful tulips. More over people took selfies and captured the beautiful flowers. Especially honeymoon couples were seen cherishing the gorgeous tulips. The credit goes to gardeners who have worked hard to maintain the longevity of the tulips so that people visit the mesmerizing garden. In the past people, tulips were grown in many homes but now everyone can get view the tulip garden and appreciate its beauty. Efforts are being made by the administration to add more and more tulip beds in the future. Water fountains will be also constructed to add to the beauty of this garden. We request LG Manoj Sinha to direct the concerned authorities to design the garden beautifully so that it boosts more and more tourism next year. People who are unemployed can earn through tourism only if extra attention and care is paid to the new destinations.

Source- Good Morning Kashmir

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