Between consumer greed and demand, the sheep prices fluctuate in the local markets and retail outlets across the country, where the price of local sheep has reached 110 dinars before Ramadan which is expected to begin next week, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The price of livestock in the Wafra sheep market has varied, and some blame it on the weakness of government supervision, while others believe that high cost of fodder and labor costs force traders to raise prices. Khalid Al-Shimmari, one of the sheep traders, stressed that the price-monitoring officials in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry should work to control prices and ‘punish’ those who raise them unjustifiably.

It is unreasonable to see the price of the sheep reaching 110 dinars. The trader Abdullah Al-Dhafiri said that the rise in prices is normal, because of the high prices of livestock in general and the rise in fodder and labor wages, and that the trader after taking into consideration all these overheads put the margin of profit, which some see as unjustified increase and this is not true.

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