Two separate incidents of two impersonations, both ended in failure due to the vigilance of citizen and expatriates.

In the first incident, two Egyptians impersonating police officers stopped a citizen in Hawally area, and in perfect Kuwaiti dialect demanded to see his civil ID. As the law specifies, the citizen in turn asked the impersonators for the police ID.

While the duo, who had arrived in a car with a blue flasher were trying to make a getaway, the citizen called the emergency room and within minutes an ‘original’ patrol team arrived on the scene and arrested the impersonator.

In another impersonation bid, two Arab imposters attempted to rob a couple of expatriates, again in Hawally area.

However, one of the expatriates suspecting the dialect of the imposters grabbed one of the culprits and shouted for help from passersby who managed to capture the second imposter.

Both the ‘policemen’ were handed over to real policemen who arrested the duo and referred them to Hawally police station.

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